The Curse of Yig is a Doom/Sludge-metal band hailing from the town of Sittard, located in the southern part of the Netherlands. The band’s music is characterized by a heavy, downtuned sound, punctuated by dark and brooding lyrics that explore themes of horror, death, and the occult.

The band was formed in November 2022 as a one-man project of guitarist Peter, who had been playing in various metal bands around the local music scene for many years. Peter’s vision for The Curse of Yig was to create a sound that blended the crushing heaviness of Doom-metal with the raw aggression of Sludge-metal, while incorporating elements of atmospheric and cinematic music.

Peter soon recruited a group of like-minded musicians to help bring his vision to life. The band’s current lineup consists of Patrick on drums, Vincent on bass, Peggy on vocals, and Glenn also on guitar. Each member of the band brings their own unique influences and musical backgrounds to the table, helping to shape the band’s sound into something truly unique.

Lyrically, The Curse of Yig draws inspiration from horror and occult themes, with songs that explore everything from Lovecraftian lore to the darker aspects of human nature. Their music is an unflinching examination of the darkness that lurks beneath the surface of our world, and the band’s ability to channel that darkness into something cathartic and powerful is what sets them apart from other metal bands.

  • Glenn – Guitar
  • Peggy – Vocals
  • Peter – Guitar
  • Vincent – Bass

The Belgian label Saturni Records has shown interest in releasing our debut album somewhere in 2023, more news about that is coming asap.