Corpusculum started as a Black-Noise band in 1991 by members of the Avantgarde Black-Metal band Inverted Pentagram. The band was iced in 1993 and re-emerged in 2015 with a new Demo called “The Year of the Goat”.


1991 – Saducismus Triumphatus Tape
1992 – Echidna Tape (Split with Satanic Death)
1993 – Obscurus Insinuare Tape
2015 – Echidna Tape (re-release)
2015 – Year of the Goat Tape
2016 – Goatriders Digital-Single
2016 – Split with Inverted Pentagram Tape
2017 – Bagabi Laca Bachabe Tape
2017 – Parent et Capra CDr
2020 – In Domo Alchimae Tape/MiniDisc
2022 – The Call of the Wendigo Digital-Single
2022 – Plague Doctor Digital-Single

Mergelland has started as a sort of Covid-19 project in the beginning of 2020. Mergelland is the most Southern region in The Netherlands, famous for his caves, limestone mines, legends and mysteries.


2020 – Verloren in de Groeve Tape/Boxset
2022 – De Oude Eik Digital-Single
2022 – De Grafheuvel Digital-Single

Wurgiln├Á (old dutch for Corpse on the Gallows) is a Atmopheric Black-metal. The first planned release for 2023 is “De doden rusten niet in vrede” to be released bij Merg&Been digital.